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Don’t know why I am sitting with these maniacs, these people have no life! They follow the rules of prison, are afraid of the guards. I want to get out of this place, transfer me to Arkham please. People over there are humans, they have no rules. There are no guards in Arkham. Guards over here follow the duties given to them, and want to control their own little world. I hate them. HATE! They are wasting their lives. Anyways, I am writing this to you Batman to make myself clear. I don’t hate you, infact you are the closest person to me. I admire you. You don’t work like others out there. You want to change them. So do I. And you might be sitting there thinking what makes me crazy. No, I’m not crazy. There is an order out of every chaos. You know I want to make them realize, that their actions are cheap. They are controlled by Society, cheap little bitch, the Society. They work by the forces of Nature. Nature controls their will, they act as Society wants them to. And when some ‘Human’, stands out of crowd and goes out of bounds of the society, they punish him. And they make an excuse, “That’s not the way the Society works.” Mindless animals living in their mindless world, and still happy! Maybe because it is a Joke. The best part of Joke is, They form the Society!!

And you never asked me. Wanna know How I got these scars? I’d love to tell you.

Once I was a Snake! An ordinary Snake, moving here and there, in search of a prey. And, the ‘Snake’ found one. A little mice, Snake’s best prey by the rules of Nature. RULES. The Snake didn’t catch the mice, she surrendered, because she was tired of the Nature’s rule of running to save her own life. Snake was impressed by her charm, so Snake let her go. Snake broke the Nature’s rule by not eating his prey. She too was delighted to see his humbleness, and thanked him. She wanted to be ‘friends’ with ‘Snake’. Snake approved of it, and so he broke the second rule. Gradually, they started loving each other. But ‘Society’ didn’t approve of it. Snake’s clan wanted Snake to follow the Rules. They wanted him to eat her. They captured both of them. They threatened the Snake by saying that they would eat her if Snake didn’t. The Mice asked the Snake to eat her because, if she was to die she would do so by being close to the one she loves most. Snake had no option, he unwillingly opened his jaws. She went inside him slowly. Tears flowed out of his eyes, THEY called him weak! And she was giving a good-bye smile. She went inside, he could feel her heart beats. After sometime, it stopped.
He couldn’t regret more. And the society was satisfied! He couldn’t live in that Hell! He went to mice’s nest. Her whole clan was shocked and terrified to see him. Snake told them how sorry he was, and asked them to ┬ákill him, and tear him apart later in that evening. At first mice approved of it, to kill their predator was a tempting idea. The Snake went back to all those places where he and mice shared beautiful memories. He lived a little, He knew, that his sins will be purified. Dying slowly, every flesh torn from his body will bring him closer to the mice, he thought. Later that evening he went to the mice’s nest. There were no mice at the place. Was it a Joke?? Yes, it was.
They had gone away, because according to Laws of Nature, they feared Snake would eat them, and according to another RULE of Nature, Prey cannot overpower the Predator.

The Snake swore to break all the Rules, and planned a revenge against Society. I was the Snake. I became the Society’s greatest enemy. And carved out my face with the widest grin!
I had a plan. I hid myself in the Tree of Knowledge,
….in the Garden of Eden.

What? You didn’t laugh? Oh, I forgot the Punch line. Here it is.


July 20, 2012

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Diary Entry
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Gone are the days of darkness, sorrow and misery. Although the scars will always remain on my soul, the wounds have healed anyhow. Yes Rachel, we can be together now, as for Gotham doesn’t need Batman anymore, and if it does, Batman will return as in John Blake, not me. Years of fighting and solitude have crippled me, Doctor says there are no cartilages left in my bones! Well, it doesn’t concern me. My future is of more importance. Crime defined my life, Ra’s shaped me up to ruin my own city, I fought him. A madman came up to question humanity in a horrible manner, I fought him. Although Joker took away my last hope of going back to normal life. 8 years of solitary, I lost of all hope of ever returning to normal life. I defeated ‘Crime’ and Gotham was at peace. I had achieved my quest for peace but I had to pay my price. When everything was going good, a ‘Prodigal Daughter’ came back with all of the Vengeance in her heart, and a Vendetta that threatened my city. Batman came back again, fought against crime, saved the city once again and assured peace in Gotham. Bruce Wayne is not Batman anymore, I am not Batman anymore.

ImageRight now I am sitting at Florence cafe, Selina is in front of me, she looks beautiful in those pearls. I lost 2 women very close to my heart, I feel as if they have come back along with Selina. Until now, my life was defined by crime fighting, but I have passed my mantle and look forward to spend my life with Selina. We will marry tomorrow, I remember once Alfred told me that he would marry me with a chimp, if she brings me back to normal life. I never thought the reference would prove to be so close to Selina! She brought me back to life and is active as chimp! Alfred will see me every month, at this cafe. Mr.Fox will run my inheritance, and John Blake will keep reminding citizens of Gotham that Justice will always prevail.

I look at the sky, it has never been so beautiful. I have a new vision, and am amazed to see the beauty of this world within these years I have lived. I long for a great life, like my Father, I want all people close to me, Selina, Alfred, my Mother and Rachel back in my life with all the greatness in their heart, and smiles on their face, so that they can make me realize, that life can be great……