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Today, I received a letter from Alfred, inside the envelope were two letters. One from Alfred, which told me about his well being, and conditions there in Gotham, he says and I quote, “Master Blake is doing a brilliant job these days, he gets out in your bat-suit once every few weeks. He doesn’t need to do it anymore. You have already done it, you have changed this world. You inspire them, there is another letter in envelope, that tells the same story. We found it lying on your gravestone. Though, by his writing style, I deduce that he is a young man, but I’m afraid he knows too much.”
The second letter, was roughly written, it didn’t say from whom it was, and it read as I quote,

“I will always remember you. I know you are out there somewhere. You saved my life. You know me. And I know your secrets. There is a lot happening in Gotham. I was walking down the street. A bum, a fucking bum, came up and asked for money. He doesn’t do any job. Never tries to earn money. Just asks for money. Money. Money is what they want. They earn it, and remain happy. They can lick the ground if I gave them money. They aspire for things, never try to do them. Aspire. I love a girl, she aspires for something big. She reminds me of you. Her eyes. They have ambition, like you had. She lacks the will. She is a wasted human being. She is ruining her Life. She just sits there. And watches the fucking T.V.

She is like a soft drink cup, you get from McDonalds. A foam cup lying on road. A car comes and flattens the cup. The cup does nothing. Just sits there. Cannot hold a drink. Broken. Unproductive. Just takes up space. Pollute. It is a Garbage. Lying here and there. A garbage. It can run its mouth though. When you look at it. It tells you something. That it is a fucking cup. It cannot do a thing. Because it lacks one thing. A psych to win. Psychology. Psychiatrist are bums, they know the real problem. But offer a wrong solution. They teach us. They tell us not to quit. The tell us not to commit suicide. Not to kill ourselves.

People are Garbage. They walk and talk like Garbage. They are lying in Garbage. And they also know they are Garbage. So they want to kill themselves. Make up space for intelligence, which they don’t have. They go to a psychiatrist. And Psychiatrists are Garbage. They tell those people that even if they are Garbage, its Okay. They don’t promote intelligence. They tell them its okay to be a bum and they should not kill themselves. Its okay to be a Garbage, but don’t kill yourself.
Its okay? Is that it? No motivation for work. Is that what we have fallen to? Is it right thing to not follow our dreams? Is it right to stop following stars if we know we can’t catch them? That’s what they tell us.
Now the Foam cups. They go and do a job. A job in a company, they don’t give fucks about. And because of mercy of time. They get promoted. They get promoted for not quitting! For not dying! For not following their dreams! And some garbage cup tells them that they are not bum. That they are not just a foam cup. So their feelings change. And they feel happy about it, they are idiots. They might think good of them, but deep down inside they know they are garbage. A garbage foam cup.
And they decide to live that way. Their decision. Decision. Here’s how their decision are made.
An intelligent human shows up. He has a great idea in his mind. A revolutionary idea. Idea that will change the world, make it a better place. So he goes to a garbage cup. Tells him about the idea. Garbage cup knows it is a good idea. He fears the truth will come out. So he rejects the idea. Demotivates the intelligent human. And he does it publicly. People know that it is a good idea and they know it will change the world. But they are afraid that their truth will come out. So all the garbage cups tell the human that it is a bad idea. They berate his intelligence. They give him bad reasons, really bad reasons. The human accepts their decision. And now it is his decision. He knows he will fail so he lies down on road. A car comes up and flattens him. Congratulations! He is a garbage now. Intelligence has died away. People are happy in their world.

Remember that girl I love? I hate her. She is one of those cups. She has ambitions. A great idea. She can change the world. But some garbage told her to slow down. Someone told her that her intelligence was stupid. And she followed. She still wants to do those things but she knows she will fail. She lives her day like those cups. She isn’t living, she has already died. But I am living. You inspired me years ago. You told me how to fight. How to fight these garbage cups. I work hard everyday. Those garbage try to bring me down. I fight them. You gave me a moral. That one man can change the world. You changed the world. Thank you Batman. You know me. If you don’t remember, just know this.
Its not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me…

I know him, he is that small boy with Rachel in Narrows.