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So, my power changed back sometime ago and I stayed with my previous glasses for a long time. Today, I got my new glasses, and suddenly this world became beautiful. A lot beautiful. Everything makes sense now. Everything. My mom used to tell me that there is dust on my notebook. I finally saw the dust today and wiped it off. My room is not as clean as I previously thought it to be, there are crumpled papers and different ideas lying around here and there. Papers on which I wrote my dreams, planned out how I want my life to be, I see them now. They were stuck somewhere under my table. I thought they were lost, well now, I am cleaning my room. Then, I went ahead to see the outer world, and I was amazed to see different textures of leaves, trees have their inner beauty which I never saw earlier, but what I saw today was something different. Next to that tree, which might have been 90 years old or so, stood a man, very old man who was gazing at the tree. No, he wasn’t that old, but on his face were signs that told me he had a miserable life, and wanted to improve it. He feels that he is old, no he is not. There is still time to change the road he is on. Still…..



Then it dawned upon me. I picked up the dust layered book of physics. Wiped off the dust and started reading it, my mom thinks that I am preparing for physics exam…..No.


I opened the chapter where they told about chips and circuits. My teacher at my coaching institute told me that in a chip all the components have their own role, they have their own responsibility, and they keep the chip functioning till the current is drawn out of it. Its a very simple thing, but maybe I am looking too deep into it. I see this whole world as a big Integrated Chip. All the people are different elements that keep this big chip going on, forever and ever. No component of the chip is useless, every part has its own responsibility to carry out the work efficiently and smoothly. To maintain the balance, some people divert their current to others for sometime, but they surely will get it back and have their own time. I love my new glasses, they told me that this chip is beautiful.